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Rug Sizing Guide

5' X 8' RUGS

As people are downsizing, 5'x8' rugs are becoming extremely popular. They work interchangeably and give the designer a ton of options.



These are often used for living rooms, with furniture placed around the rug.


A 5'x8' rug is used for smaller dining table settings. Usually, a table with 2-4 chairs will balance beautifully on this size.


In the bedroom, the rug should be wider than the bed frame to anchor it. Usually, single, or double beds work well with a 5'x8' rug.


8' X 11' RUGS

Larger rugs look great in larger spaces. They work well if you want all or most of the furniture to be placed on top of the rug.



An 8'x11' rug allows the furniture legs to be placed on the rug, which pulls the room together. In a large room, there should generally be at least 18 inches of bare floor surrounding the rug to give the illusion of a bigger area.


To allow the back legs of the chairs to be on the rug, the rug should extend 2 feet past the table's edge. An 8'x11' is great for tables that can seat 6-8 chairs.


For queen and king bed sizes a large rug such as an 8'x11' should be used. The rug should be wide enough for one to two steps to be taken when getting out of bed.

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