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This rug is soft and manufactured from thin filaments that allow for intricate patterns. Viscose has a silk-like shine that gives rugs a beautiful lustre.


A highly durable and washable rug. Polyester is a soft and shiny rug which is often combined with other fibres to produce creative textures. Polyester fibre is stain and fade resistant. As a result, a polyester rug retains its appearance well.


A washable rug. Polypropylene is a synthetic fibre that can be dyed in a multitude of colour hues. This fibre is very durable and stain-resistant. When polypropylene is used in outdoor rugs, the fibre receives a UV treatment in order to resist fading from the sun.


This is the material you’ll find most commonly in rugs. Highly durable and providing unmatched warmth, wool rugs are a great choice for any room. Wool wears well and is used in both flatweave and pile rugs.


Highly durable, eco-friendly, biodegradable, and made from natural fibres, jute rugs are a great choice if you favour an earthy vibe. It’s also resistant to light and wears extremely well, making it a smart selection for high-traffic areas.

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