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Premium Dual Surface Non-Slip Rug Pad 2' x 4'

Premium Canadian-Made Underpads

Rug pads bring comfort and safety to your home. It will add a cushion under your rug and is non-slip for peace of mind. It also creates an additional air barrier which improves the cleaning of your rug. The rug pad can easily be cut with scissors to perfectly fit with your rug. We recommend cutting the pad 2” smaller than the inside border of your rug.


Premium, Canadian-Made Underpad

Get this underpad to guarantee that no discoloration of your floor will occur! Use it on any kind of flooring. Made in Canada from recycled materials, this premium pad is thick, offering extra bulk and cushion beneath your rug. It won't crumble or leave residue behind. With this underpad, it is incredibly easy to vacuum your rug.


How to Place Your Underpad

Lay down the rubber side of the pad on your floor, then unroll your rug over it, so the bottom of the rug grips the top of the underpad. Using a good pair of scissors, cut the underpad 1-3 inches inside the border of the rug. This way you'll have the grip and cushion of the underpad without being able to see the edges underneath the rug.

Premium Dual Surface Non-Slip Rug Pad 2' x 4'

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